April 30, 2008

Tits of every color

I have 2 weeks left of school, which means i will be doing work from now till the 13th. But plymouth isent all business ladies and gents, alota of fun can be had here...

In other news, Eugene Stancato, hailing from good'ol Dorchesta, MASS one the "Rookie of the Year" award here at Plymouth, following the great Kevin Bicknell who handed over the title from last year.

Good one guy!

Arabic Gum

Went over to Amesbury park this morning for a little solo session. 


The new many pad/ledge is super fun.
Ended up at Newburyport park after for a short session with Sean and his Jordan shirt.

Sean fucking rips.

Raywood showed up.
and got a line.

April 27, 2008


(SH)ART is a post I am going to do every now and then about Art that I like and things that I am enjoying at the moment in the art world (usually parralleling skateboarding and skate culture). For starters how rad is Enjoi? Their ads are always so amazing and they always look like they are having a blast on their boards...what is not to like?
Michael Sieben is fucking rad. Simply put, he is my favorite artist doing things in the skate industry right now and his graphics are always on point...
They should put this on the X-Games postcards...shit is bordering on extinction (Skateboard superpark...Rad.)


I came across a Polaroid camera a while back in my grandmothers basement in Detroit.  I fucked around with it all last summer and ended up with a hefty amount of photos. Just hanging out, skating, and whatever other nonsense I thought was worthy of a polaroid.  These are just a few out of the shoe box I have filled with them.


Miscellaneous  black and whites that have been sitting on my computer for far to long.
Axel & Shane 2007
Max Fitchburg  2006
Mike Lewiston, Me 2007
Kevin 2005
Kevin  Boston 2006
Mike  2006
Florida 2007
Kevin Florida  2007
Nolan 2006
Nolan Fitchburg 2006
Silk J 2005

Macy Gray with Pork Chop Sideburns

Got up early and took a drive over to the flea market with Mike

Glass Zebra-Panther

Shred Sticks 

Ran into some bros while Mike was peeping the jewels.

Then we got rained out

April 26, 2008

Randoms 1

So yea, basically The "Rock and Roll Lifestyle" was a title of a photo on the last post and I just wanted to clear up what that meant...Bret Michaels has a shitty show on VH1 where he always talks about his "Rock and Roll Lifestyle" and how the girls can't keep up and such. How do I know? Well I was stupid enough to sit through one whole episode one night and boy is he the embodiment of Rock and Roll...just look at Poison and their album art (100% Rock!)
Look at this guy now...he is looks like a butchy girl (just slim him down a bit...nothin photoshop can't handle), but there is no taking away how good Poison was, just look at all of their Rock and Roll hits! "Every Rose has it's Thorn" and a handful of other that definitely bring the words "Rock and Roll" to mind...Bret Michaels is no More rock and roll than this guy!
Now THAT is Rock and Roll! </span>

What does this have to do with anything you may ask yourself? Shit I don't know Either that is why this is Randoms entry #1


starting the day
epicly pose'd

this is the foundation spot we skated
this dude built it, his name's Dom

back d(oors)


Tension is still strong in Wilmington

VC to regs
frontside alfalfa
the rock&roll lifestyle
shaka-booster tailgrab

PP Mart was closed
Thrift Racism