May 28, 2008

good people

far from skateboarding... but still good people

May 27, 2008

She was brown and I was very green

Went out skating with Mikey, Kevin, Dave and Rew last week at the new beverly park.
Dave getting motivated
Eyeing the gap
Putting in the work
Dave got motivated, kickflip right off the bat.
Kevin with the forbes like ollie
This is Dom aka Dise, nice kid but a mean lurker...this fucking kid will talk ya ear off.  Told Mikey his life story in 5 minutes.

Kevin got a kickflip
Friday I posted up at the scarehouse with Mikey and awaited for the prom to go peep kevin and his girly

Fuck yeah Kevin rocks red Krew shades, go get some at Danvers EB!
Kevin, Morgan and Shameless himself
Shameless got SB'd out for this shindig
Katlyn was having a blast even though her date was a dipshit with rap-around sunglasses.
he agrees.

Mike was feeling it
Jimmy and Professor Duckburry
The Professor likes his fubu, white-pin striped son.
Steph wanted ice cream
so Mikey, Micus and I accompanied her

Went to Shameless's for a post-prom gathering
Got fake bitches?
Katlyn once again
Yoke and Smokes getting into some shit
right on for a boob
Who else but the Professor has a gap perfect for newports in their front teeth?

Fix Gear Love

Not sure if this may insult any of our dear friends, sorry if it does... it was just
too funny to pass up.

May 21, 2008

Fan Mail?

Oh the letters we receive..

Just kidding, i found these on, Check it out!

May 20, 2008


love, mikey

May 16, 2008

(SH) ART 2.0

Todd Bratrud is another awesome artist who has been gaining recognition as off late because of his totally awesome artwork! These are some boards that artists collaborated on with Superfishal...Sieben did one too.
Heroin skateboards suck pretty hard but with Bratrud and Sieben on 'em them joints is hot!
This is pretty awesome...Do you have a skele-broad with a skull face and your last name tattoo'ed on it's ass? I doubt it...


Jay Howell has become more and more "famous" as of late...his comical art seems to go over well in the skateboarding community (specifically with Frank Gerwer...anyone who has seen the "dude party" board knows what I am saying)
Why does a picture need set-up? just look at it!
Rolling 69=epicly gnar'd
Jay Howell is one funny dude...

Animated Wall Art

Nolan sent me this shit, its not really shit at all. Check it out...

May 13, 2008

May 10, 2008


I want to come home really badly, this place sucks along with all of the students who attend. Ryan along with myself are unhappy here. Dest is the target of many drunk peoples anger, thus resulting in 3 fights throughout the year, along with 2 close encounters tonight. We are nothing but Jahs soldiers and we came in peice with sachels of the sacrament.

i cant wait to see you all wednesday

20th Century Boy

Kevin and I went up to the Gillette stadium of skateboarding to check out their totally legit playstation contest.

More hating

Rye has tough as fuck bodyguards 
wicked gay
super gay

Went over to Hampton park after, kevin did some ollies.

Took advantage of Seabrook and all its lovely offerings

Beverly park is done.