June 30, 2008

Smokin' that Shit

We heard it was suppose to rain this past weekend in Mass and none of us wanted to sit around in the rain, so saturday morning we packed up the car and went south for connecticut.
Mike's ready to go

pumping tre-bombs at the gas station
Got Kevin on this trip


New Haven Connecticut on our way over to Woodbridge, this was a shanty town squatter village type place, filled with tents and shit. It looked like a fair that had never been taken down and just overrun by bums.

Woodbridge Connecticut

EB dot hits the spot
kevin fucked up his foot

Mike got up on the wall
It was so fucking hot in that place
didnt stop Matt
Kevin backside flipped it
then 3 flipped it
Mike approves

Mike goes frontside this time
over the quarter
Academy is an awesome park, get down there and check it out...no helmets to.
these fans are sick to
back at our shitty super 8 motel in West Haven with some dominos and oregano topping

i had to sleep next to those fucking things

pussy fireworks

June 27, 2008

Applaud anyone who buck em..

"applaud any nigga who buck em', we can lose a few of em, we got enough of em"
-J. Dilla

I hate police, I hate them to no end when I see shit like this...5.o beating on a dude in Hollywood

Cops taser dude with wife and baby for speeding ticket in Utah.

Then run a dude over in Texas

Tase a lady in Florida

Pull a heater on a hunny in Carolina

Abuse some skateboarders in Arkansas

And finally start shooting people in New York

Oh the land of the free...
Choking on your democracy.

June 23, 2008

Harry Potter.... evil?

Matt, Al and myself watched "Jesus Camp" tonight. It educated us on the brain washing ways of evangelical christians....may someone help these poor children


June 18, 2008

June 17, 2008


DC Half-Cabs...looks like the best DC I have seen in a long time...Lakai Half-Cabs, personally I like this shoe just as much as the O.G. Vans model so this one isn't a huge deal.
The classic. Skate these if you haven't (not this color though... camo...egh.)
DC's Manchester...the 2nd best shoe they make.

Lakai's Manchester...another favorite of mine (skate these too).
Don't these all look similar? This post is just one of another series of posts that I will do about shoes who draw "inspiration" from their predecessors like the Half-cab, the Era, the Manchester, etc. Check up often because the skate industry has a habit of recycling styles and copy-catting.