July 30, 2008

Skateboarding is From Hell.

A New shirt is on the way from Scarehouse... Religious people are sure to be psyched, just make sure that you wear it when you are aroundthe good people of American Ramp Company (they LOVE religion...I have heard that their launch ramps get you closer to Jesus. If you could to a christ air off of one of their ramps I am pretty sure they would sponsor you.) Pocket tee's too, that way you can store things in your shirt; hardware, laces, shades, cigars, drugs... you choose, that is the fun!

July 29, 2008

congrats terry!

ted lavoie, aka the big terror does wonders on his snowboard, he just got a two page shot in snowboarder mag, i know its on the eb blog but i was soo gosh darn proud of him.

cograts theodore!

July 28, 2008

Roger that!

I don't know about you guys (whomever that is...I'm pretty sure nobody looks at this anyways) but this New company called "Roger skateboards" is pretty amazing, they seem to have a pretty distinct image and I like their humor a lot...They are like a less censored "Enjoi" and a funnier "Skate Mental" with better art direction (Skate Mental is fucking amazing though...I back them too...and Enjoi), and it would be a fair assumption that their boards will be made out of better wood than either of those aforementioned companies...hopefully no China Wood... And with the "Skate switch for Jesus" board you can offend the good Christian types while supporting Roger in one felt-swoop! Basically what I am saying is that this company is amazing and that we should all support them so that they don't go away like Bueno did. Rad.

Oh Yea and a Scarehouse video is along the way...a 30 minute or so feature of randomness and skateboarding that will hopefully satisfy more than just us. Maybe a shirt or two as well ( I gots sum ideas-a-brewin'!). Keep and Eye out!

July 25, 2008


is it just me or are we getting dangerously close to the Snowboarding world lately... The Lame-factor is getting WAY too high.

July 24, 2008

and July 5th

Some people went overboard for the 4th

Drinking the water

Saco River

old skatepark/skateshop spot in the woods

alot of weeds


Lunch at this spot was rad

July 23, 2008

Holy Buttsex July 4th

Some photos from the 4th of July up in Maine. We left thursday night and got up to Mikey's family's cottage just in time for some fine television...

4th of July

took a drive east over to Bridgeton Maine.
The worst slip-on's ever

Moose Pond

The Hills have Eyes

Warming up before the skate

Bridgeton Park
Mikey got in there
Spear's Nose Bonk

Maine skatepark sluts are the grossest shit ever
backside boneless
This kid watches Ali Boulula's part in Sorry everyday.

Found this rope swing

Weston Beach