August 18, 2008

Lords&Creatures Vol. 1

Scarehouse free dvd in the works with a little bit of everything in there...
Untitled from Alex Pechilis on Vimeo.

August 14, 2008


Scarehouse Shi[R]t.

Scarehouse shirt numero uno... many more to come, $10 bucks a pop when the first batch is done. Comment if you want one and we will get back to you (if you have color preferences let us know). Next shi[R]t to come is "Skateboarding is from Hell", should be a good'n. Oh, and not every shirt we make will be tie-dye...

August 11, 2008


This picture came out awful (mind you that these are all taken from my cell phone so I couldn't expect much more...) but this is the first shirt design for Scarehouse, look for it soon!
Another potential shirt or logo...gnar.
I have wanted to do this shirt for awhile now...there are plenty of other spots in Boston than AQ ledges and Eggs, Eggs is cool for warm-up or whatever but I couldn't dream of much else there. "Aquarium cracks will kill you!" ? fuck that, rusty nails and coping will kill you. (how lame would it be to get killed on a shitty flatground spot in Boston?) To each their own but I just want to see some creativity in skateboarding again...
This is essentially my tattoo that I am getting... (mind you I have yet to draw the plies on the side of the deck, and I have to fix the back bolts...) I am psyched (can't you tell by how excitedly I am typing this?)