September 29, 2008

We wont ever end!

It's been a long time coming but...
Kevin Leslie now officially skates for Eastern Boarder Danvers.
....also the editing for Swank 2 is underway....premier date is still to be announced. Early November maybe?

September 25, 2008

Satan..s Circus

I've been down in Providence a good amount lately for school, so i've been trying to meet up with Matt (he goes to school 20 minutes south of the city) and skate as much new shit as we can before the cold really sets in.  Tuesday we went down to Jamestown to shred....fucking perfect day...
Matt's place is like 25 yards from this view...
Met up with Matt's buddy Phil before we took off to Jamestown.
This was a painting Phil had in his apartment that I really liked.......cuse of the tits.

Warming up...

Crusty hill bomb spot
Welcome to the EAST!

Mt. Hope Bridge
Jamestown Bridge

September 18, 2008


On Saturday Matt was home from Rhode Island and we went up to Newburyport to skate some spots I haven't been to in a while...not the most productive day but we got some skating in. Silky got behind the lens and took these photos...
In route...
fuck that kid

Matt did some ollies.

...I have a good amount of photos and video from Providence this week that'll i'll try to upload as soon as I can...

Fucking Kids...

I was going through the photos on my computer, and I found some of these from years ago.  Most of these were taken when Kevin and I were still in middle school. Just some history...
Our buddy Luke made this print of me sitting on this crusty brown leather chair at the scarehouse...check out his blog Mรค En Alistu.Mikey & Kevin in the jeep
Back when Axel Rose still existed...
Matt & Kevin...Matt is now an author on the blog...check for some of his shit soon.
Kevin front smith early scarehouse days before it was the scarehouse
Kevin Kickflip Triton...
back 180 maybe?

....i also changed the comment settings so anyone can comment, say whatever the fuck you want, we wanna hear it.

September 8, 2008

Shit I Hit Bitches All the Time

I meet up with Kevin the other day in Beverly once he got finished with classes to go out skating and filming  for a while. Decided to head towards Salem to peep some double set Kevin knew about.

Not feeling it today.
Dave was lurking at Beverly park..
Skated Beverly park for a few then went over to Briscoe to meet up with some dudes.
Cameras blazing

Keegan got a crook 
I dont know if Dave got this back tail, but he was hauling ass and sliding the whole thing...
Kevin had this gap all eyed out...

September 3, 2008


Took a ride with Silk today to Lowell to meet up with Nolan and BK. Nolan got this ollie over the ruins of this brick bank. (the web streaming ruins the HD, i'm trying to fix it)