October 31, 2008


This is a really old trailer, for a video that was never made. I found it when i was moving all the files from old computer to new, i've been uploading footage consistently now and should have some edits online by next week.

October 27, 2008

First Official Post

I Tucka am now part of the El Scarehouse community. I will be posting some of my newest photos of the dudes of scarehouse and my fellow swank brothers as they come along.

My Flickr is on a constant update as I shoot.

I will also keep everyone updated on the Swank Two DVD process, and when those are ready you guys will know. I hope everyone liked the premiere and from what I hear, my commentary.

Revere Correspondent

Got a new author on the blog, from the wonderful city of Revere...
check out some of his photos here.

October 26, 2008


SWANK 2 Premiered last night at Eastern Boarder Danvers, there was a huge crowd and the video was top notch. Anyone who didn't make it out for the premier, seriously blew it.

Chris and the fog machine
Richard skated to Big Pun, classic.
Swine and Sean Dillion showed up.
"I only take photos with people with mustaches" 
This kid had on a cookie monster suite?
Tucka came out in full force, he was almost as entertaining as the video
BK and Kevin both had some bangers in the friends section.
Roo's segment was solid.
Evan was feeling the buzz after his part.
Dave had ender part, fucking awesome.

Donny was the backbone of this video, fucking sick part and a solid job editing.

Alex and Jared stoked.

...rad video & a great premier, I think EB danvers is going have some copies of the video... stop slacking and go get it!


Matt and I went down to Jamestown park the other day trying to beat the rain, we didnt,  it drizzled and emptied out the park...

Empty park, rad.
Matt was getting some. Then...

so we left...

October 25, 2008


I took Swine and Sean Dillion up to shitpark yesterday, busted their foundation spot cherries and Swine took some photos...

This is Doug, he was ripping.
Swine bs feeble
fuck this kid

October 24, 2008


Walter took some rad photos last night up in the woods...check em out...

October 20, 2008


Next weekend...come out to EB and give these dudes some support.

October 11, 2008

You know what Jack Burton always says...(news, news, news)

Sorry about the slackin' lately but we definitely have some shit in the works.  A limited run of Scarehouse shirts are going to be out this weekend so let myself, Al, Mike or one of the others know if you want one... should be like 10 buckaroos or something like that (more if we hate you).  Also we have been clockin' mad HD footage lately and should be scrapping together a trailer for the new video a.s.a.p., we are working on a pretty ridiculous lineup that we will confirm in the next week or so so keep looking.

October 2, 2008

Nolan Cormier

This is the essence of Nolan in these two Polaroid's. 
Before skating...
After skating...

...Nolan did some rad shit in Portsmouth today.