January 29, 2009

January 25, 2009

The Basement Bowl

Matt, Max and I went up north to skate the basement bowl the other night with Tom, Noah and Josh, it was rad. Heres some footage...
TheBasementBowl from Alex Pechilis on Vimeo.

January 23, 2009


Had a little session at the scarehouse the other night

Donny 5.0
Swank3 is underway!
Alex Filho 5.0 fakie
Kevin had some good art kid posses

January 22, 2009

January 15, 2009


It took a bit, but there out. Available at Eastern Boarder Danvers.
Anyone who wants a copy and cannot make it to EB. Contact one of us and we will get you one. I hope everyone likes the new promo.


I was lurking around a shoe website and that led me to a hipster website which led me to a fashion website which, in turn, led me to these weird-ass photos...
these are all paper cutout sculptures...
I thought this one was funny.
this looks like nudity but the dude who makes this "art" just turns them all into real-dolls... fucking creepy eh?
another weird doll one.  He had some more graphic ones but you can find those with your own detective work.  Not really graphic, but like, if you posed a barbie in rude ways.  Meaning all genitalia and orafices have been removed.
I am bored today so expect another random post or three.

January 8, 2009

Rye Scarefield.

Eww.  If anyone is actually still interested in Rye I got this e-mail today that may hopefully aid in changing your mind.  Imagine the kook-fest that is going to happen here on this day... I wouldn't dream of even approaching the town of Rye on the 17th let along paying to skate with those dudes.  Also, you gotta pay $20 just to skate with Bam and Novak?  Really?  My guess is that Rye is going to be filled with so many visor-beanies and shit heart-a-grams that you wouldn't be able to move comfortably, let alone try to skate with a mob of shitheads and Bam (may also be included with the Mob of shitheads, no, their leader).

Blowing it...

Yea I know, we have been slacking hard on the blog lately but there is a lot of stuff going on around El Scarehouse that I will now fill everyone in on.  For one, we have been fixing the place up day in and day out getting it ready for the winter that is already here so it is more like catch-up at this point, a few new ramps are in the works and the place should be shred-able a.s.a.p. ,  also the trash pile is GONE once and for all so that is a plus for things in the health related front (that and it sucks to fall on a 2 week old pizza that has been stewing in stale beer).  Also the office is almost up-and-running so that will be rad once all is said and done.  In vandalism related news the fucker(s) who broke in did succeed in breaking a heater that was in the big room, luckily a certain Mr. Dave Begonis works for a company who fixes that shit so he came by and hooked it up and got it running. Dude not only kills it on a skateboard but can fix our heater too... fucking sick.
We all took the hour drive up to Red Alert skatepark the other day to do the 5-9pm session for nine bucks and that was really fun, we got some footage so Al should have a nice little montage up on here sooner rather than later... but probably later is a more accurate guess with all of the legitimate work that is going on elsewhere. 
In skate video type news, I went up to Identity today and hung around with Rice for awhile.  He was telling me about their video and it sounds really sick, the premier and stuff should be announced soon so check ifanh.com  soon for the date, time, and place.  

January 1, 2009

Rob Digi's Pool Hall

Rob Dig was home from Carlsbad and he invited us over  to his basement pool hall to play a few games the other night

Max came down from Newburyport

Mikey G