April 30, 2009

Goo Goo Muck

Nolan and I went out skating
He was doing liens
and crailgrabs 
some tuck-knees in there too, full tucked knee no bullshit.

Arthur going frontside in the deep end
Nolan ollie fakie
Then we went over to Justin's to skate the blue ramp

Smith grinds for Nolan
Carl standing up on one
Nolan backsidding some nosegrabs
Noah was ripping
back smith
Nolan....bs judo
Carl pivoting frontside
I went out with Kevin after to try and get a photo
right after this one Buffalo Bill woke up across the street and kicked us out..

April 28, 2009

April 27, 2009


Friday was beautiful out, so we went to the land of kook for a shred
but we went down to the river first

Carl waiting for the pack
throwing out the first line

Johnny Ryan!
River of Kook where Atlantis is found
Carl got one

back to the ramp where Nolan preceded to destroy shit. Wait for the footage.
When Nolan and I got back we met up with Gavin to film some shit late night...he got broke off.

The next day Kevin and I headed over to Ed's ramp for a bbq and some grinds

Dave was getting some
Kevin backside smith
Dave front feeble

New Mexico to Texas

We found a Dunkin' Donuts in  Albuquerque before we hit the road

leaving New Mexico


Abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere

crusty nazi graffiti 
Rob was on lookout for some snakes

totally destroyed


the south will not let John Wayne die...