May 17, 2009


We skated Search & Destroy yesterday. Basically a really toned down version of King of the Road.
Walter had the trick list
We met up in Amesbury to start the searching

constructed a pole jam

Noah found the crust
Gavin kickflip back tail
Kevin bs lipslide
some Identity dudes showed up and killed it
Nolan loves skateboarding
Gavin fs boardslide
Kevin front crook
Nolan wallride to crooked grind

Going on 13 hours a skating
Charley Paul
Searched and Destroyed

May 14, 2009

Gavin and I went up to Plymouth the other night

Joel Pratt 
Fuck Joel Pratt

Lenny was there to

Kevin and I went to Nashua for the Elwood Demo
BK and his lady friend 
Foundation Spot
with Nolan

Boardslide fakie


super crust

quarter to wall

and this spot
silky's car got some
and we found this yesterday. Liberation underway.

May 11, 2009

Adios Amigos

This past weekend we had a good gathering of friends come together to say goodbye's for the summer, I'm glad school is pretty much over cause I want to be home skating, hopefully I will get to see all of you soon.

- mikey