October 27, 2009


If your in the southern New Hampshire area Friday night, you should go check out the premier for Eric Escobar's new video. Eric is a friend of mine and a great skateboarder. Support it!
Check out EB Danvers for the promo.

October 26, 2009

The Renaissance City

Sunday we went on a film/photo mission
Nolan starts it out with a back smith at 10am
G-Thug front noseblunt
and a backtail
crook at this spot

Nolan wanted some
bs crook
cleaned the fountain
Nolan got to work
and started to annihilate this thing. Front 50-50
fs smith
Gavin bs smith
front salad for Nolan


Gavin boardslides through
I tried, Matt on the photo
Nolan loves this spot

Backside bluntslide
and a hurricane to end the day

October 25, 2009

northern country

gonzo is still on the prowl

slim resources, but still trying to skate

max is into exploring condemned houses now

tie has been loggin hours behind the lens

and night life never seems to change

October 22, 2009

The Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth is a great shop owned by great people.
Check out this commercial of Donny delivering Pineapples.
Support FOY!

October 19, 2009


We skated Pawtucket saturday morning
Dave front blunted

kids with sticks
Shamelss Shane
Took it over to Prov park, Nolan tucking the knee

Mike's my friend from Warwick, he rips. 360
Hip session
Nolan nosegrab
Kevin ollie
Mike boosting
Nolan tried some methods
Dave front board
Mike Nosepick (or whatever you call it in bmx) in the pocket.
Nolan 5.0 fakie
Nolan got behind the camera and I tried to get a frontside grind.
Mean face
No joke
satan slide

Pivots with Dave
night session pivot fakie

Nolan doesn't get tired
more front pivots
back disaster
blunt fakie