November 30, 2009

Surgery: Day 1, a long ass post. (long-ass post, NOT long ass-post)

HEY EVERYONE! This is Kevin writing you on my first day of my surgery recovery. I Got surgery at approximately 11:30 am today and was released at around 2 pm to go home and eat and take Vicadins (or however you spell it). About 2-3 weeks ago I was skating and filming, we went to a spot to warm up and I bailed on a little warm up fs 180 over a loading dock gap over a rail. As I kicked my board out it bounced off of the rail and as I landed my board with me behind that little bone on the side of your ankle. I ollied the rail again to further warm up and went to walk back up the stairs and something sharp and sudden "popped" in my ankle, I instantly knew that this was bad. Surgery status for sure. Anyways I could barely walk so I went to the ER that night and they said I just had a bad ankle sprain and to stay off of it for a few days and it would be fine, so they sent me on my way. Now, being a skateboarder how many times have you sprained your ankle or rolled it? seriously, we know what sprains feel like and when it is something worse, so I did a little internet self examination (no, not that type of internet self examination... get your mind out of the gutter.) and sure enough what was wrong with my ankle was easily misdiagnosed as a sprain and it was called "Subluxation of the Peroneal Tendons". What that means is that the tendons behind your ankle bone dislocate over the bone whenever your ankle turns a certain way (for me, whenever you make the motion of a "flick"), why this sucks extra hard is that it was treatable in 2 ways; one is that you can go the conservative route and get put in a cast or two for around 12 weeks in total (which has only about a 50% success rate, also 74% of those people end up having surgery anyway), or the other route is surgery which has about a 95% success rate. So essentially if you have a lot of time to waste and like being a human pile for a long time go the conservative route.
Anywho, my orthopedic doctor and I discussed it and I chose to go the surgery route for two reasons, one that I needed to be back as fast as possible to be a productive and fun-having skateboarder , and two, I really didn't like that the conservative (hereby referred to as "stupid-moron") route puts you out of commission for about 12 weeks with no guarantee that you wont just need the surgery anyway. Needless to say the Stupid-Moron route was not for me. So we decided on surgery and set a date because I was not a Stupid-Moron whom didn't want surgery because they were afraid of needles or some shit, and I was on my way. A few days passed and then Sunday night arrived (Yesterday). The surgery sheet told me that I had to shower and that I couldn't eat anything after Midnight that night, other than making me feel like I was a full size Mogwai who would multiply uncontrollably if I ate after midnight, it made me absolutely a grumpy bastard because I couldn't eat and I pretty much just went to bed with a headache...AWESOME!
Then surgery day arrived and the little golden rule sheet for Stupid-Morons told me that I could NOT use Deodorant (for some reason) and that I could not have any food or water whatsoever, I luckily could brush my teeth but the Stupid-Moron sheet they gave me said that I was "Not allowed to Swallow any toothpaste or water" as I was brushing... Really? I had no idea that I couldn't just brush my teeth and swallow everything that was in my mouth when I was done.
So I did all of that shit and proceeded to move into the waiting room to sit in silence for two hours with no food or water in the typical ass-less robe they give you and an IV in just so I could be extra psyched on the whole thing. The highlight of my day was when they gave me the relaxant or whatever because you go from feeling sober to drunk in like 2.69 seconds. After that I remember just about jack shit until I woke up in the recovery room with a cast on my leg, starving, and cold because apparently the Hospitals like to cut cost and not use the heat or something. Anyway I will keep you guys posted whenever something significant comes up in my recovery process so expect another post this week on how addicted to Vicodin I am becoming out of sheer boredness or just when I get this cast off in 10 days only to be put in to a radically-awesome walking cast!

Until then guys keep it radical!

November 27, 2009

Swank Tree

Okay, so the guys from Swank 3 have been crushing shit lately, like completely. The line up for their video is unreal and is full of rippers from this area and EB Danvers team riders. Basically I am writing this post to let everyone know (if they don't for some reason already) That they really should support these dudesand come out to the premier in March to witness some of New England's finest. Also at this premier we are going to have a full length promo video for El Scarehousethat should be pretty rad (at least the way it is shaping up). So come out for that premier and enjoy it, also after that video wraps we are going to start the EB Danvers video and Monthly edits from Scarehouse on here as well. Keep an eye out because we have some cool shit in the works. This is Evan's throwaway by the way so that should give you a clue into how hard he has been killing it.

p.s. Sorry for the lack of posts, we have all been busy but I am getting surgery in a few days so I wont be skating for two months or so. Which means I will be going stir crazyand thus post more shit here.

November 9, 2009

Joel Pratt is great guy whose been making some great stuff lately.

#1 Amesbury Homies

homies at amesbury from Joel Pratt on Vimeo.

#2 Babes