March 21, 2010

Hit some parks last week
Westerly, Ri
New extension
bro lines
Nolan drinks muscle milk
Kevin and Matt
Jewett City
this thing

Chris DeGrace
wide angle

Walter came down with some dudes to hit some prov spots
garage spot
white bank
Jared got some
Walter & Carl

March 10, 2010

Nolan and I went up north last weekend and Max brought us to this gem

Nolan rusty frontside smith. Max took the photo.
100% skateboarder
It was also the day before Max's 21st birthday...
he didn't even come close to seeing his actually birthday
Happy Birthday shithead!
plotting the route...
hidden gold
Nolan charged it. Mikey took the photos.
dried off his board
and charged it again.
Mikey had some spots for us

throwing shit

Kevin's ankle is 100% again
King Crust
Noah back smith

Tom gearing up for getting down
laybacks for Noah
and some nosegrinds
Gorman. lien to tail
Noah. huge melon fakie