April 14, 2010

Photos from last weekend's Maine excursion
Crazy Chris came prepared with a bottle of wine, kahlua, and some burgers

Joel, Chris and Courtney
Nick rolls in to start the session
Courtney rolled the puddle
Tom, Dogs and a skateable fire pit

Grill Master Phelan

crust corner
crust pond. act. 1

Nolan crail grab
Phelan laying it back
Nick Phelan front 50
Chris ate shit so many times before getting this. Body varial fs disaster
BillyD fs rock
Billy was killing it
another front rock
this was a bail
William Arthur Davis Jr.
Phelan step off
front smith
frontside crail block
frontside boneless
Nolan nosegrab
Kevin front smith in Prov

April 12, 2010

Went up to the wacky woods this past weekend with an awesome crew. Nolan, BillyD, and Crazy Chris got the session heated and Joel made this edit of the madness.

the land of the kooks from Joel Pratt on Vimeo.

April 9, 2010

Ben Lane's been busy working on the new shirts.

2 color tie dye with an embroidered logo

15 bucks. Get some!
Nolan and I went down to Jamestown last weekend

Jamestown park
frontsides on the fence


frontside salad

Came back to Mass for a night session with Kevin and Dave

Dave doing his part

undisclosed location
Jared, Kevin and I cleaned it off

Rope swing
Thanks for letting us skate Rob!

Jared frontside grind
Nolan no comply tailslide through the pocket