May 18, 2010

I took a trip down to Jewett City, Connecticut yesterday

met up with Phelan there
fs rock n' roll
Baltic, Ct
5.0 through the pocket
It was rainy out today...
so we found cover under the bridge
Matt Lane, Fred, Nate and Kevin came down
Fred back tail
Kevin half cab
Matt Lane tailslide
Kevin ollies jersey barriers
Nate front rock
kevin frontside ollie
went over to this gem with Rob tonight

May 16, 2010

Skated some spots in Providence yesterday with Rob, Nolan, and Kevin
Nolan - tailslide pop out on the inside

over to this spot
Nolan ollie
get in the van!
this spot rules

crust is a must
Kevin back tail
ended the day with a A-Team van sighting

May 14, 2010

Went up to Somerville yesterday
checked out the RAW store, Assemble & Conquer

Took the trip with Rob
Kevin met us there
A&C has a rad selection, plus they support the small guys
Steve and the Raw guys are awesome, support them!
Andy is the man!
this spot

Kevin back lips

flatground session
Rob has impossibles
this photo made me laugh

May 3, 2010

Joel and I took a trip up north a couple weeks ago

Plymouth, Nh
Mikey staying weird

Rounding up to go skate
Big Mike couldn't decide if he wanted to bring his fanny pack


freshly painted
Pat front 50
this slam was awesome
Mikey hurricane
The biggest Mike handplanting
Henry frontside
more hand plants

Mikey was stoked

I went out to springfield with Rob a couple days laterCREDO is the new shop in North Hampton (where Boardroom use to be)
it's a good shop
check it out if your out west
this spot

DIY in the woods
gotta get the session in before the workMatty J with a front pivot
Tom noseblock on a custom Pete shape
curb killa!frontside rock
Kevin blunt fakie on the corner
Rob decking out a rock n' roll

Paul doing a pivot the correct way
Matty's son was ripping the rocks
CourtneyRalph nollie back bigspindonations
Noah getting to work
Gorman, Tom and Rice talk business
Swine is always blowing it
Shovel party

Hillbomb near the city
Kevin has a proper ollie