June 30, 2010

Stoke of the Day #2

scarehouse homie pat gets a nice stoke of the day

June 29, 2010

Back down to Venice to the Lincoln ramp for some doubles while we waited for Shea
No dice
the make was perfect
OD can boost frontside too. Nolan on the photo
ballin' dawgz

the houses are super nice on the rich side of venice
Ray Barbee!
ledge of death
long ways down to some nasty shit

right around the corner...
you need to skate this before you die
Over to the local mall...
Streets of Venice is tight
rad selection with some crazy shapes
vintage wall

and they have a ramp
Shea definitely knows how to do a backtail
Nolan's first line - pt.1
Nolan with a proper nosegrab
Shea pivot fakie
I thought this place was a joke
the costco of record stores

hollywood blvd.
Went over to Santa Clarita the next morning

best park i've ever skated
this thing was a monster
a ditch snakerun is all you need at a skatepark
street plaza
the photos dont do it justice
Ollie with a big ollie

June 28, 2010

Shea crashed out and took us over to a rad D.I.Y park the next morning
Old Star

Frontside for Nolan
Backtail for Shea

thanks for the hard work
Lincoln ramp was the next spot
Arto Saari was on his way out
Nolan front crailgrab
Shea took some photos of Nolan's huge frontside airs

Shea back disaster
Venice alley lurking
stumbled across the canals

they were pretty amazing

back down on Venice beach...
the doctor is in

Shea's backtails in the pool were insane