July 28, 2010


For the last few weeks a couple of us have been searching for the forgotten to build concrete. Here's a peek at a few of the spots...

Charles River Park

If you didn't happen to catch this on the news, here it is. Eastie blowing the whistle on the Charles River Park and the bureaucratic red tape that stands in the way. Would any city take ten years to build a football field? probably not...

Matt, Mikey and I took to the Mountians last weekend with Phelan, BillyD, and their crew on their annual camping trip...it was a trip to say the least.
Matt & Mike

Sir Billiam
there was absolutely no skating involved
just woods lurking

and a machete

it was Paul's 21st.
savage cooking techniques

Nick was hanging tough

Courtney & Luke
swimming mission
cold water
stereotypical summer
balancing act

Paul and his sideburns
our crew pretty much took over
hill climbs
custom fire pit/stone oven

our food got stolen by a bear, so Phelan cooked us up something the next morning
Matt's not a morning person
beside Camp Moonbong
river cooler
more food
go sleep in the woods!

July 16, 2010

If you don't like these guys, we don't like you.

July 15, 2010

Tom has a little interview over at Maine Skateboarding that you need to check out.

Paper Machete is a magazine were contributing to. Mark made a rad edit for em, Check it out!

Paper Machete 01 from Mark Lovett on Vimeo.

July 10, 2010

Dave's a good friend of ours, an awesome person, and an amazing skateboarder.
Check out his Boardwalk spotlight.

Spotlight from BoardwalkBoston on Vimeo.

July 8, 2010

If your not checking out Keeganspots, your really blowing it. Best thing on the internet.

July 2, 2010

Ollie and I spotted this ditch on the way back from Santa Clarita yesterday
super fast