August 25, 2010

I caught Nolan drinking beer
he thinks it's okay because he's 21 now

Swine was surprised by the bizarre soul capturing device
Rainy day called for a parking garage session
the barrier is destroyed....didn't stop Nolan from going frontside over it.
Little Sammy the Retard
curb session

3/5 of a human

August 23, 2010

We went up to New Hampshire for Matt's last weekend in the statesGallant Family Cottage
Morning coffee
Little Phil aka El Segundo also known as Lloyd Blumpkin
Matt couldn't get enough of him
Best BBQ ever.
Nolan loves to fish
summer ale
the mark of the beast
the traffic was awful on the way home
contemplated running this clown over
Mikey wasn't feeling the traffic
best bumper stickers ever

August 20, 2010

August 10, 2010

North again with a band of dirtbag gypsies
Kooks let us set up camp in his woods friday night, thanks again man.
saturday morning everyone was feeling it
Billy & Nick

Mikey didn't want me to take his photo
Vermont is amazing
Matt took some photos from the backseat

We brought the briefcase and got right to business when we hit Bondville
the bowl was a monster
and the shallow end is super tight
and theres rock rides everywhere
Matt and Courtney
we walked by an art gallery an hour after this and talked shit on soft focus photos...regardless I liked this.
Billy was into it
We met Ryan within the last hour of sunlight, he rips. Bluntslide on the rock.
Nick frontside air on some tight tranny
Ryan's frontside ollies over the hip were no joke
this doesn't need an explanation
the Bill show

Ryan and Paco are awesome, thanks for everything guys.
PODIUM is more of a museum then a shop

Nick was in awe

then my camera died...