October 31, 2010

Kevin comes through with a banger spotlight. No half ass-ing here.

SPOTLIGHT from Dave Profirio on Vimeo.

October 26, 2010

Computer cleaning...
Found some lost footage from LA last June, screen grabs...
Nolan pushing through the freak show known as Venice beach
Shea's the man! HEADSTASH!

Vedo's down! screen grab from "For the Hell of It"
lil swine vs. the leaf blower...classic.
Some old 35mm stuff Nolan shot...Swine putting in work.
Pat Murphy blasting backside. Nolan took this too.
I found these shots Trevor Denman took of me before I knew him.

October 21, 2010

Did a little work today. Swine took a couple cell phone photos.

October 20, 2010

Took off Thursday night for North Carolina
Political activism caused some traffic
Brooklyn, NY. Midnight. 7 hours to go.
Hit Virginia right before sunrise and got a few hours sleep at Nate's parents house.
back on the road
last minute gear stop
Pillar designed it. Artisan built it.
$5, helmet, waiver, kids and a waiting line to skate...
no dice.
keep moving
OBX boundtobacco road
this park was a blast
Nate goes frontside in the oververtfrontside grind of death
Nate took a photo of me carving
we were driving right by the grave digger's shop, stopping was a no brainer.
from the grave!
rain out at Powell's point
the Artisan guys build awesome parks
I guess hurricanes are common
Kill Devil Hills, NC
clearing up
Wanchese is the gnarliest backyard bowl you can imagine
Nick observing the lines
you'd spend alot of time on the deck to, shit is scary.
Jesse Davis rips the oververt, frontside grind.
low to high
Nate powers throughJesse grabbing the nose
then the flashes came out
lowlight shots - Nate frontside
Jesse smith grind. Bryan Lathrop shot some awesome stuff from this session.
Nate. All style.
Went over to Rob Nelson's from Eastcoastaholic to skate his creations and crash out.
I woke up early the next morning
tent city in Rob's yard
All you need.
Nate packing it up
a little more sleep for NickRob's basement ramp is insane.
it also has the best coping ever.
Rob and his family really hooked it up. Thanks for everything!
"who has advil?"
Pool Party #1
This is a Do It Yourself pool. Filled for swimming in the summer, drained in the off months. It was Built by skateboarders for skateboarders. I was told they just went for it on this pool a few years ago without any real knowledge of pool construction. Well they figured it out and started a company to keep the ball rolling, behold Artisan Skateparks.
Nate getting some grinds.
Nick goes over the deathbox
Bryan Lathrop getting his. You need to check out the photos he shot from this trip, you wont be disappointed.
Nate over the box
Pool Party #2 - Same deal with this pool, DO IT YOURSELF!
Jesse Davis backsmiths over the box
Over to Jesse's for a driveway session
Jesse also knows the meaning of D.i.Y
Next stop was this ramp.
janky but fun
Nick makes use of the single coping spine
Cornfest at Wanchese!
Wanchese is an amazing bowl built by Marc Corbett in his frontyard. They have an annual party for Marc's birthday, they call it Cornfest as a tribute to Marc's diet-I guess he eats alot of corn.
Thanks for building the bowl and having us man! I'm taking the inspiration and bringing it north!
Dave Maxwell aka. Science Fair put on a show! Frontside noseblock on the oververt.
Young guns flying high
kickflip indy
Dave Maxwell - melon fakie
one foot hack
"look out over there on that deck boy, im coming in hot!!!"
somehow he took this...
into this and answered my question as to why they call him Science Fair.
Science and Opus
After Cornfest we drove back up to Virginia to Nate's parents
Nate's Dad has the biggest truck ever.

Dead butterfly in the grill of the jeep
Virginia beach
Chesapeake BayTouristy
obviously poaching other people's tourist photos never gets old
Ocean Pines Maryland
Artisan built this to
Good session until a cop shut it down and detained me for smoking weed out of a tennis ball, searched the car and couldn't find any tennis balls-guess the dude has never seen an apple pipe.