November 21, 2010


So I've been living in Italy for a short time these are some pictures around the area
It's very dense

Touristy places are abundant

Its like a big maze with small events through it
and openings

and statues

A dude savin his bro

These are from a town where everyone's livelyhood is making cheese

A hardy dinner of mixed meats

November 16, 2010

Past Film

a few holga photo's from this past summer...



Moonbong Trip


November 14, 2010

Weekend in the city

Stayed at Daves place in Allston on Saturday, heres a few low quality photos from the night.



Billy looking like a rockstar
I was going for pure intimidation factor all weekend
Tried to intimidate Shae
then he spilled his beer
and laughed about it
boneless with the banana

Shea practicing his wheelies

Lot of people in the city

Ended up at some appartment, I think some dude frank lived there

Everyone loves a camera in their face

Kevin being a wallflower

Which mustache is better?
Of course I find Al in the room with all the smoke coming from it.
I think this girl was picking her nose or something, the other one didn't approve.
100% Pure intimidation

We went to another apartment where we met up with Phelan and Courtney
Evers was there too

You guys serious?