January 27, 2011

Some good ol' summer photos to bum you out on a snowy day.

January 15, 2011

Element VT Trip

Here is the video from our trip up to Vermont with Donny and some of his flow kids. Super fun time, thanks again to Dave and Hanna at Talent.

January 11, 2011

If your not checking out Surviving Chernobyl, you really don't get it.

January 7, 2011

I took a trip up to Burlington Vermont with some of the Element guys a few weeks ago...
when your in this van-everyone you see will ask you for stickers
Matt Lane was along for the ride
it's a long drive to Burlington-van antics.
Kevin comes prepared
Talent Skatepark
gearing up for getting down
the kids were stoked
Kevin, Nate & James were the young guns on the trip.
Matt Lane doesn't need to warm up, back 360 nosegrab high to low, right after a 4 hour drive.
Kevin approved.
Nate Robinson -360flip
then right over to the rail for a kickflip frontboard
angle 2
Donny had a pizza party on the deck
and a frontboard coming back...he rips.
Kevin Phelps-frontbluntDonny enjoys the slaughter
before he got in there - front180 switch smith
Matt Laniac 50-50 flat and down
Kevin Phelps-shuv-it over crook
Donny rides the wall
Matt Lane-bs smith
Kevin-fs smith
Donny is the king of style
this is the best indoor bowl i've ever skated-hands down.
Richard's the man and the king of the bowl
footage review...
back to it
after-hours lurking
Pat Hickey can ollie really fucking high-half cab noseslide about 3 ft up
Matt Lane trying to kill himself
feeble up
he's a madman.