February 18, 2011


Brixton Spring 2011 from BRIXTON on Vimeo.

Brixton just put out this little minute long video, Tom R. from Anti-Hero has some shit in it and overall this video just summarizes all good things in life. One of the few companies still doing it right.

February 11, 2011

Come to this...
so we can continue this...

February 9, 2011

A Few Possibilities...

He used the dagger on these beanies... They are available at EB Danvers, 10 bucks. We have some more coming as well as shirts and other shit.
This is Mike's original design from his website www.mikeygdesign.blogspot.com check it out.

El BEARhouse.

The ultimate collaboration? maybe, probably not... But the guys over at www.keeganspots.blogspot.com have been destroying lately and making us all (in the blogging world) look bad by posting over 100 times last month, really rad shit too. Get behind them, they support us, are very down for this blog, and kill it at life so they deserve it. We are going to produce this graphic as a collaboration with them in some form or another, keep an eye out.
Went to ride Kook's new bowl on Sunday...
with some crusties....and sammy
Kook's built the bowl and the building that houses it
it's way more deadly than it looks
Tom hacking
Noah frontside
Tom through the pocket
Noah one foot

Kook's pulling out backside