March 28, 2011

Nolan Sponsor Me

Nolan wants to be sponsored, I made him a tape...

March 24, 2011

March 22, 2011

Shit Cam LA: Pt. 2

Part 2.

Shit Cam LA: Pt. 1

Shit Cam footage from LA last June with Nolan, Ollie & Shea. Part 1.

March 21, 2011

Went on a film mission last week with Kevin and Matt Lane
this thing
there is no such thing as a perfect spot in New England
Kevin ollie
session killer
Matt nosegrind
Kevin tailslide
Matt noseblunt
this spot
Matt 5.0
Kevin roasting a smith grind to end the day

Hitting the Road

along one road in new hampshire

March 20, 2011

Surviving Chernobyl

Nick learned how to edit and it's awesome.

The Victor.

I've been being heckled by Kev Day since I was 12 and I consider that a privilege. 30 years deep, Kevin embodies the east. Get ahold of the new issue of FOCUS and check out the article he wrote on New England pool skating.
(photo-Dan Muchnick)
Matt Lane snuck a photo in there too...Matt's a machine, look out.

stay busy

tanner pendleton is a skateboarder, snowboarder, surfer and all around good person. A prime example of how it's important to stay busy and learn as much as you can, whatever it is.

building very quickly from tanner on Vimeo.

March 14, 2011


Rode the new Hingham park today
the bowls way too mellow
not Nate's style
Nate 5.0
Butchie noseslide
Matt Lane nosegrinds up because he can
Nate bringing down the average
smoke break and business calls
Kevin no comply tail skid
Butchie knew the ledge
front crook
Matt Lane nosegrinds the big boy ledge
when we rolled up it was dry and Butchie's front blunt was sticking...when it started snowing, it started sliding.
epitomizing New England
we got snowed out in March.

Crust Crete Fundraiser

There was a great turn out at the concrete fundraiser last weekend
We gave away tons of product...
Tom hustled raffle tickets
and we sold a bunch of crust crete shirts
Ralph supports local skateboarding. Thanks for the board bud.
I caught Nolan trying to steal a board because he spends all his money on schnapps these days.
check out this video that Matt from Fix the Metal's a way more accurate portrayal of the day then my photos.
If you came out, we really appreciate it...if you didn't and are down to help us raise money, buy one of these shirts!
They should be at Eastern Boarder and Identity within the week.
Big thanks to all the guys at Frozen Waves, Rob Pontes @ DLX, Rice @ Identity, Spada, Chris, and Mark @ Eastern Boarder Danvers, Earl & Fiske @ Eastern Boarder Nashua, Pioneers, Bloodmobile Cult, Ralph & Creepshow, Rob @ Lowcard, Ben Lane, and everyone who came out.
Your support is sincerely appreciated.