May 13, 2011


Miscellaneous photos from the last week...
 Kevin - hippie jump
 Dave - front feeble
Mikey - boardslide
Found Kevin Day and Nolan riding the big bowl today
 Arty the Fish - J-Turn
Kevin Day.
 50 and still skating harder than you. Get fucked Skippah!
 Nolan back smith of death

May 10, 2011

From the archives...
Hippy Dug

 Batto needs no deck

May 8, 2011


Ryan Stephany and friends made the trip from portland to seattle and found some nice places to skate along the way.

May 6, 2011


Drove down to Wellfleet with Justin today...
 Frontside with Justin Gorman

May 4, 2011

Street Certified

Film mission...
 hubba rocks
 Matt Lane getting warm
 more wax
Dave P got the angle
hill bombs
 with Fred the Bear
over to this forgotten gem...
 filmer flip out
 Fred was talking shit
Matt & Tuna getting it done
 wallie over
 Dave nosebonk
 Harvard fountain
 this spot is awesome
best sign ever.