July 31, 2011

On The Road #22

Left Mount Hood and headed for West Linn

 over to Newberg
 and an amazing skatepark
 get some
 McMinnville, OR

 street plaza
 pool coping hubba

 Lincoln City

 there is no way of explaining how big this place is


 US-101 down the coast

On The Road #21

Spent a couple a days on Mount Hood at High Cascade

 Tanner's $500 van
 they think it'll make it across the country



 all the corpo snowboard kooks were spinning around in circles on the glacier so the place was empty

 literally everything is skateable

 we skated for 5 minutes and some bitch gave us the boot
we were told you need a "sponsor" to skate
 that's the kind of bullshit you run into when you dealing with snowboarders
 fuck windells

 got some lunch with Tanner when we got back
 training facility

 my kind of place
 Tanner is awesome


skate videos