October 27, 2011

On The Road Again #4

Rough morning in the mansion.

 found Allen cleaning the glass out of the pool from the night before
 and Gorman lurking the hot tub
 Nick, no need for warm ups
 Nolan the lurker
dude tub
 "I always want to wake up, do you have any idea what I dream about?"
 Shea doesn't have that problem
 sorry girls-he's taken.

 Allen getting some hacks
 Billy and the deathbox
 Eastie frontside ollie

 "skate junt?!"

 then Nick got serious...
 "oh you wanna see the windshield wipah dood?"

 Prince of Maldy
 still in the hammock

 Shea-Kill Devil Hills

 fiesta cookout for Nate's birthday

 pool and cake.

the old boy still has it.

October 16, 2011

On The Road Again #3

Kill Devil Hills, Saturday morning.

found Nick coming back from a near fatal beach bath
thanks whoever owns this house
Shea Bird
Eastie's drum solo

Van posse

picking up the keys to the house
living on the run
"is this two houses?"
pool being drained in the backyard

massage chair

no mansion is complete without a pool table

Kill Devil Hills park
Billy D
dudes on deck
fucking Nolan
over to the crash up derby at Wanchese
science fair, boneless in the oververt
unknown ripper #1
Science over the deathbox
straight into a boneless
Nolan back smith over the deathbox
X-Games line up
Science - fast plant

deck lurkers
unknown ripper - stalefish

Jesse Davis - invert
heckler on the roof
Smolik and the king

Science again - frontside air
unknown ripper #3 - front feeble
Science fair - smith in no man's land
demon seed
Ben Hatchell
back to the house for the after party
pool party

Shea frontside, like his band.
front blunt from Philly

Noah, Billy, and Dave
no words

late night antics

"the bubbles are back!"

laughing all night.