November 16, 2011

On The Road Again #5

Nick's morning stretch routine is a funny sight...

 Shea and Bill aren't as ambitious as Nick in the morning.
 split off from the van
 this diner sucked.
 reving road code

 Virginia Beach
 Chesapeake bay tunnel

 one of Breaking Grounds best - Bowie, MD

 every park should have this
 Shea windshield wipah
 keeep moving.
 view from the bowl
 best indoor bowl

 Bryan getting creative with the flashes

 broken truck

 hack attack
 no flash
 lurk out
 Shea back tail to drop

 after session beers

 2am cheesesteaks

 Nick's a vegetarian
 Bryan shows how it's done
 cheesesteaks and old 80's stories

 FDR at 4am

 car carves